Registration Open for 15th Annual Law Day Observance Luncheon - May 20, 2019

The 2019 Law Day theme - Free Speech, Free Press, Free Society - focuses on these cornerstones of representative government and calls on us to understand and protect these rights to ensure, as the U.S. Constitution proposes, “the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity.”  We are honored to welcome keynote speaker Jessie Liu, U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia.



Winter 2019 Newsletter


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Inside 717 Quarterly Update

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Portrait of Judge Patricia Campbell-Smith

In recognition of Judge Patricia Campbell-Smith's tenure as Chief Judge of the United States Court of Federal Claims (2013 - 2017) and keeping with the Court's proud tradition, going back to the Court's inception, the Court of Federal Claims Bar Association has commissioned Judge Campbell-Smith's judicial portrait, which it will present to the Court in the Spring.  

The cost of the portrait is funded by the Bar Association exclusively through private donations.  The Bar Association welcomes contributions for Judge Campbell-Smith's portrait.  Your tax deductible donation, made payable to CFC Bar Association, may be sent to the Bar Association at the following address:

Court of Federal Claims Bar Association
455 Massachusetts Ave NW
Suite 335
Washington, DC 20001

We are also accepting electronic donations through PayPal and Venmo.  Please send to (noting Campbell-Smith Portrait Fund).

Should you have any questions and/or would like additional information please contact Lewis Wiener at 202-383-0140 or




Please update your records to reflect our new mailing address:

U.S. Court of Federal Claims Bar Association
455 Massachusetts Ave NW
Suite 335
Washington, DC 20001

Announcing the Arrival of the Deskbook for Practitioners Sixth Edition (2017)


The Court of Federal Claims Bar Association is pleased to announce the arrival of the Sixth Edition of the Deskbook for Practitioners as a service to its members, the court, and all others with an interest in the court.  The Deskbook is a complimentary publication available to all current paid members.  
If you are a current paid member and would like to receive a copy of the Sixth Edition please send a message to and include your current postal mailing address.

We appreciate the service of all those who contributed to the new edition!  



Firm Memberships Available!

We are pleased to invite you to become a charter Firm Member of the Court of Federal Claims Bar Association!  Previously available only on an individual basis, membership at the firm level ensures that you and your colleagues don’t miss any of the bar association’s career-building opportunities.  Before renewing your individual membership for 2019, please coordinate with your colleagues to take advantage of the many benefits of membership at the firm level. To learn more please click here.

Current Vacant Judgeships on the Court of Federal Claims

Seat Last Held By Vacant Since
Lynn J. Bush 10/21/2013
Emily C. Hewitt 10/21/2013
Edward J. Damich 10/21/2013
Nancy B. Firestone 10/21/2013
George W. Miller 08/07/2013
Lawrence J. Block 01/08/2016
Marian Blank Horn 03/10/2018
Susan G. Braden 07/14/2018
Charles F. Lettow 07/14/2018
Mary Ellen Coster Williams 07/14/2018
Victor J. Wolski 07/14/2018


President's Message

James Connor
James Connor







It is truly an honor to serve as the 32nd President of this Bar Association.  Already a growing and vibrant Association, we have much in store for 2019.  Among other things, we plan to bring together our members in new and exciting ways to serve the Court and the public, including through further outreach to local law schools and law students – our future members!  And we have recent success to build on: the November 2018 judicial conference provided a fine example of all our Court and Bar Association has to offer.  Panels on national security, bid protests, tax, and rails-to-trails takings cases (all of which you can view here) provided unique insight into the the extensive reach of the Court’s jurisdiction.  And the reception that followed at the Hay-Adams hotel allowed the bench and bar to come together to socialize, renew our shared bonds, and get to know one another outside the context of litigation. 

One of our main goals for this year – and this is where you come in – is to increase engagement with our existing members.  We have many active members, but we also have members who have not yet utilized all the benefits of the Bar Association.  We host brown-bag luncheon educational programs, which our members present and attend.  We publish Inside 717 (named after the address of the Court, 717 Madison Place), a quarterly publication reporting on significant rulings in all major areas of the Court’s jurisdiction.  We also publish a newsletter, which includes items such as questions-and-answers with judges and interesting history about the Court.  We hope that you will consider serving on a brown-bag luncheon panel, writing a summary of one of your recent cases for Inside 717, contributing a short article to the newsletter, or even reaching out to us to tell us you are interested in becoming more involved.

One of the stated purposes of our Bar Association, directly from our Articles of Incorporation, is to “preserve and promulgate the heritage and tradition” of the Court.  By involving more of our members in all the Bar Association has to offer – and utilizing each member’s unique experiences and talents – we can work together to continue to achieve this important purpose. 

Best regards,

James Connor
President, Court of Federal Claims Bar Association

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Brown Bags

The bar association's standing committee on law and practice education plans and organizes "brown bag" educational programs held throughout the year, addressing matters of general interest and programs on major substantive areas of the Court's jurisdiction.