History of the CFC Bar Association

The Court of Federal Claims Bar Association was founded in 1987. The principal purpose was to support the Court in its efforts to administer justice in the most efficient, fair, and expeditious manner. Visionaries including the former Chief Judge Loren Smith, James Brookshire, David Cohen, Clarence Kipps, Steve Lambert, Mildred Seidman and Randolph Thrower (who was the Bar Association’s first president) launched the association as an adjunct to what had come to be known as the "Peoples' Court."

Recognizing that the Court would be aided by the development of an on-going dialogue between private plaintiffs represented by the private bar, and the people of the United States represented by the Department of Justice, the Bar Association's founders institutionalized a mechanism that would insure that each side stood on an equal footing and share in serving the bench and bar. For example, the presidency of the Bar Association alternates annually between the public and private bar. Similarly, the Association's Governing Board, comprised of 12 at-large members (plus the officers), strives to maintain an equal balance in its membership.

By any measure, the prescience of the Bar Association's founders and the goals they established have been and continue to be met. The Bar Association brings together and provides a voice to all of those who are governed by the Court's jurisdiction and an opportunity for the development of long-lasting and fulfilling professional relationships. Members of the Bar Association, working collaboratively, collegially and with a common goal, serve the Court and the public in a meaningful and tangible way. Annual judicial conferences, Law Day celebrations and brown bag dialogues are but a few means by which the bench and bar work together. The result is a meaningful opportunity for CFC practitioners to participate in the enhancement of the Court's administration of justice, enrichment of the quality of advocacy before the Court, and promoting the Court to the legal community and the public as a true People's Court.

From its earliest days to its current generation of leaders, including current president Lew Wiener and past presidents John Euler, David Churchill, Steve Frahm, Nancie Marzulla, Marc Smith, Brad Fagg, Melonie McCall, Steven Hollman, Luke Levasseur and Rob Stewart, the Bar Association has played an increasing role in the life of the Court. With the unwavering support of the Court, specifically former Chief Judges Loren Smith, Lawrence Baskir, Edward Damich, and current Chief Judge Emily Hewitt, the current leadership and members look forward to building the organization to better serve the legal community of bench and bar and in meeting the challenges that lie ahead.